• Instructors

    Info at your fingertips regarding students, members, renewal info and more...
  • myGLidingClub Features

    Find out all the feature available in myGlidinClub
  • Mobile App

    Details regarding the mobile app are found here
  • Getting Started

    This section describes how to get started, logging in, setting up your personal details etc.
  • Timesheets

    Discover how to capture and manage all club timesheets, enter flight times and keep track of flightline movements
  • DutyRoster

    Forgetting duties are a thing of the past....find out here how to manage the duty roster
  • Bookings

    Here you wil find info on how to manage your visitor and member bookings...
  • myDetails

    Discover the wealth of info available spcifically to individual members....flight times, bookings, aircraft, club purchases etc....
  • Accounts

    Info Regarding Accounts facilities
  • ClubAdmin

    Detailed help on Club Setups, administration, managing assets, tracking pupil progress and more...
  • Reporting

    Find out how comprehensive the reporting facilities are..... a report for everyone